Big thanks to Specialty Crane and Rigging, M&J Engineering and Precision Auto Body and Painting

We had another successful day of fundraising and would like to give a big thanks to the recent supporters of UCSB Racing including: Seth Hammond at Specialty Crane and Rigging, Monte Rook at M&J Engineering and John and Martha at Precision Auto Body & Painting.

Thanks to Jim Hall and the team at Schafer Driveline llc. for donating our transaxle!!

This unit is outfitted with forward, neutral, and reverse which will allow us to get out of sticky situations. The final drive contains a limited-slip type differential that will provide torque to both wheels as needed but, unlike a locked or "spooled" differential, also allows the tires to rotate at different speeds as necessary.

Team Meeting with Ken

A UCSB Racing team member had one of the pamphlets hanging out of his pocket and caught the attention of a local enthusiast. Ken seemed to immediately recognize the benefits of a dedicated Baja program at UCSB and will be assisting us in reaching our goals. He also donated two Bell Helmets and treated us to breakfast.

Thanks Ken!