Thank you so much to JHA Environmental for the generous donation!

We had a great time at competition last spring and are looking forward to our next race. We just registered for the SAE Baja competition for May 2016 in Gorman, CA! We have a new team and will be building a new car from the ground up this year. Here are some pictures from last competition that never went up to get everyone excited again.

The website will be updated more frequently with our progress as the year goes. For now we are in the design phase and we plan to begin building in the Winter.

Spring Updates

We spent Fall quarter taking the car apart, cleaning everything up, and taking note of what we could fix and improve on. We learned the car inside and out and made a plan for the next few months. Winter quarter was spent designing and building new parts to exceed the conditions we will face in Oregon. We reused many parts on the car and had to completely redesign others.

The car after it was stripped down and ready for a new paint job.

A big thank you to Prestigious Auto Body and Paint for an awesome new paint job!

An element analysis of our new upright that connects the 3 link rear suspension. This part broke in the competition last year, so we have improved it to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

The car is finally getting put back together! We're just waiting on a few important parts to get machined and we should be rolling in the next week or so.

New 2015 Team

We have a new team for the 2015 Oregon race! We are really excited to be fixing up last year’s car and redesigning a large portion of the car before the competition in May. We’ll keep everyone updated with our progress as we get more done. Here is the car after we stripped almost everything off the chassis. Next step is to sand and paint it while we design some new parts for the front and rear suspension.