Final Design CAD Renderings

A few brackets are not shown and some things will look out of place due to mating "errors". The components in the cockpit are for mockup purposes and do not reflect final designs.

We are using a Gaged CVT mated to a forward/neutral/reverse gearbox. The 3-link semi-trailing arm suspension looks simple but is very sensitive to the pivoting locations.
The upright captures the spherical bearings on the upper and lower control arms as well as on the steering linkage. This helps insure the bolts are placed primarily shear loading.
Top View. Note that the steering linkage is located behind the lower suspension arms in an effort to protect them from front impact.

Tools/parts are arriving and components are starting to be made

Fiberglass CVT Cover fresh off the mold

Tubing Bender compliments of Roger

Kirkey Racing Seat

Cutting the 4130 CrMo tube to test out the bender