Big Thanks to Coastal Excavation and Enerpro

Chad & Genessa Cushman at Coastal Excavation and Frank at Enerpro came though with some generous donations this week. Thank You!

More great people to thank like Diana Wollert, Condor Machining, JAE Racing, and Tencate

Funding assistance is coming from all sides! Big thanks to Diana Wollert, John Owens at Condor Machining, Jay Makwana & Jeff Robinson at JAE Racing, and Marc Taylor at Tencate.

Special thanks to Last Line Security Solutions, Centaur Floor Systems LLC, Java Station, and Jodi Thomas

We greatly appreciate the support we are receiving from local people and businesses like Jodi Thomas, Giovanni Vigna at Last Line, John Donati with Centaur Floor Systems LLC, and David Bozzini at Java Station.