Let the building begin

Checking in from the UCSB COE Machine Shop! We would like to thank Andy Weinberg for being so helpful to us during the design and build process. Lots of components are being built as the two capstone teams come together to focus on the main project of building the Mini Baja vehicle.

CrMo ("ChroMoly") tubing is being bent by True Radius in downtown Santa Barbara. We have received the roll hoop, roll cage, and side impact members.The chassis team has put together the lower rear section with engine mount as well as the firewall.

Left side: Weld nuts are inserted into the lower rear section of the frame for mounting the transaxle.
Right side: Inserts were made to fit the 1" OD, 0.035" wall tubes that the engine mounting plate bolts to.
The real parts next to the solid model parts. The engine mounting plate is slotted and has adjuster screws built-in for fine tuning the CVT tension.
Top: Dean Wink prefers business attire while laying up critical components, such as the roll hoop, while Tucker Root prefers the classic blue collar look.
Bottom Right: The roll hoop and roll cage fresh off the mandrel bender.
The CV shafts took a while to obtain but we finally received everything we need to transfer power to the wheels.