February Chassis Work

Our last update left off with the lower rear section of the chassis containing the engine and transaxle mounting holes and layup of the Rear Roll Hoop (RRH). Next you will see this section complete with the transaxle, engine, and skid plate mounted to it.

The transaxle is mounted this low to minimize plunge of the CV axles.
You can see 2 of the 4 transaxle mounting bolts that thread into weld nuts fixed into the lower chassis tubes.
Here is the skid plate that was fabricated in an hours time.
Looks like Zach is practicing his pick-up lines again.

Here is the RRH placed on top of the rear section.

Now we can move on to show you some of the mockup jigging for the front lower section of the chassis.
We use this time to clean up areas to be welded and determine any issues that have occurred due to imperfections of mandrel bending
The wood jigging allows us to get everything measured and coped before bringing it inside and clamping everything down to the welding table.

Joining the front and rear lower sections
This photo turned out a bit artistic
Underside of chassis tacked up

The following pictures show the chassis beginning to look like the CAD drawings as the roll hoop and over head members get tacked into place.
Massive jigging
I believe Zach is welding together two pieces of material to be put in the tensometer; A device which pulls the pieces apart until they fail. If it fails at the welds than he needs to make another to insure it breaks the tubing.
Dean welding the rear vertical piece to the lower section.
Fire extinguisher mount and firewall mounting tabs.
Coming together!!!
Dean went completely catatonic for a good 3 minutes as soon as he sat down.
A couple of baja team members from years past dropping by to give us words of encouragement and remind us that we are always going to be behind


Geoff said...

Is the seat adjustable? Looks like the welds are nice enough as they have to be strong not pretty.

UCSB Baja said...

Hello Geoff. The seat does not slide so the taller drivers will suffer a bit.

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