Finished Product + Testing Footage

The team has been doing some serious testing and tuning. Camber, castor, and toe have been nearly optimized and the shocks have been tuned to handle rough terrain. We did not receive our CVT tuning kit and we had to modify the parts included with the CVT. It is shifting decently but not as responsive as we would like.

Big, big thanks going out to Jeff and Virgil Elings for their support on the Baja project.

Here is a video with 3 more in the testing section below.

Ahdi catching some air over some treacherous logs
CVT Backing plate
CVT cover and air circulation fan installed and ready to be plumbed
One of Spencer's custom uprights machined by Andy Weinberg
We achieved the steering Ackerman we were looking for after we added more caster.
Tail light and reverse alarm up top with the engine kill switch to the right.
3-Link rear suspension
Cockpit with dash board
Installing braking system while modifying the upper shock mounts. Look at that 12 volt accessory outlet!
Night driving is not a problem

These are a compilation of high speed videos we used to tune the suspension.

Staggered Log Suspension Test

Zach going over the staggered logs
Terry too
The CV boots always seemed really stressed out and one finally popped off.
The remedy was to cut the small clip on the shaft and move the boot to the next recess. They work much better now.
We went out for a full mock run on private property. The tools and spare parts are loaded in the trailer.
The course took roughly 4'30" per lap. We went up the hill on the right, over a few ridges, dropped down an extremely steep incline to the valley, and returned on the lower road.  

Race trailer and tow rig
Working in the race trailer.

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